Member Exclusive: Save up to 25% on Bright Chocolate

August 02, 2017

Member Exclusive: Save up to 25% on Bright Chocolate

Gapsted Wines, with the help of local producer Bright Chocolate, has crafted a very special - and tasty! - offer for Gapsted Wine Club members. 

Bright Chocolate, located near Gapsted Wines, produces handmade, pure, organic chocolate that’s ethically produced and contains no soy lecithin. This is local produce at its delicious best, and their craft chocolates match well – very well in fact! – with many of our wines.


If you’d like to enjoy any of these Bright Chocolate products, any Wine Club member can buy them individually via our website - provided you purchase wine at the same time. And, for a limited time only*, we’ll honour your Wine Club member discount (up to 25% for our Platinum members!) for these products – just make sure you’re logged in to receive your discount.

To view and purchase the Bright Chocolate bars on offer, simply click here.

Wine and chocolate can be an ideal match, and to help you with your selection our winemakers Toni and Michael were only too happy to spend an afternoon checking (and rechecking, and rechecking…) the Bright Chocolate varieties which paired best with some of our premium wines.

Our winemakers enjoyed the chocolates’ rich, complex flavours, and after careful consideration they came up with the following suggested pairings:

Madagascar 72% – Imbued with fruity and citrus intensity that matches well with our Tobacco Road Sauvignon Blanc, Valley Selection Pinot Gris and Ballerina Canopy Chardonnay.

Dominican 70% – Soft yet rich in flavour, with hints of tobacco, coffee and nutmeg notes, this chocolate is a good pair with our Valley Selection Pinot Gris and Tobacco Road Tempranillo.

Ecuador 72% - An earthy chocolate with hints of cinnamon, honey and vanilla, this chocolate is a good match with our Limited Release Petit Manseng, Ballerina Canopy Shiraz and Ballerina Canopy Durif.

Tanzania 80% - Fruity flavours of lime, berries and plum with notes of honey and coffee see this chocolate pair well with our Tobacco Road Cabernet Sauvignon and Ballerina Canopy Durif.

Of course, these are their suggestions – you might like to create your own chocolate and wine pairing!

To view and purchase the Bright Chocolate bars on offer, simply click here.

*This offer is not valid for phone or Cellar Door orders, member discount offer ends 31 August, 2017.