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Celebrate International Tempranillo Day with Gapsted Wines

Celebrate International Tempranillo Day with Gapsted Wines

Thursday 12th November is International Tempranillo day - with the weather warming up it's a perfect accompaniment to an antipasti plate on a lazy Summer evening.

Tempranillo is enjoying a surge of popularity in Australia. With origins from the Spanish region of Rioja, the Spanish have been enjoying this variety for over 2000 years.

Temprano (meaning  ‘early’ in Spanish),  relates to the early-ripening black-grape variety best grown in high altitudes with a combination of cool climates and good heat.

The grapes have slightly thinner skins and larger grapes compared to other black grape varieties. Skin density determines the viscosity of the wine during fermentation, so this grape delivers a typically smooth finish with low viscosity and complex flavour.

The bright elegant colours of deep red or purple, and notes of earthiness, such as leather and tobacco, balance with plum and cherry.  The more pronounced the balance between earth and fruit, the better the Tempranillo.

Our High Country 2019 Tempranillo is a Wine Club favourite and sells out FAST whenever we take it to a wine show for tasting. Displaying a vibrant cherry red colour our High Country 2019 Tempranillo  shows aromas of blueberry and black cherry with hints of ground coriander and chocolate. These aromas lead to a juicy and plush palate of dark berries, chocolate tannins and a rich, textured finish.

It pairs well with a wide variety of foods - we love it with tapas, a classic antipasti plate or Spanish style slow cooked lamb shanks.

And here is our Senior Winemaker Toni Pla Bou with the final word

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