NEW! December 18 Long Lunch

November 03, 2016

NEW! December 18 Long Lunch

Gapsted Wines - Long Lunch

Back by popular demand, we've added another long lunch to this year's calendar in December - just before Christmas!

The Gapsted Wines' long lunch - to be held on Sunday, December 18 - is a great way to finish the year with friends, family and/or work colleagues. You'll all get the chance to put aside the best part of an afternoon at our award-winning restaurant to savour some of the region’s finest food and wines.

The focus of our long lunch is very much on helping you to relax - our staff are experienced at making sure you're well looked after!

And for this long lunch we've added LIVE MUSIC!

Our lunch lunches often sell out so while our tables are long, seats remain limited. Purchase your tickets by clicking here.