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Gapsted Wines - Bursting in to Spring!

Gapsted Wines - Bursting in to Spring!

Spring has arrived with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions on regional Victoria and with it, renewed hope after what has been a challenging year for businesses across North East Victoria.
Gapsted Wines is emerging from the Winter fog of lockdowns to a vibrant Spring vineyard and a positivity brought on by the first signs of bud burst. It’s a sign of the good things to come.

“Whilst we have been all locked away, the cool and wet winter has provided us with ideal conditions for the start of the growing season for Vintage 2021.” CEO & Chief Winemaker Matt Fawcett explains.
“Our vineyard is looking spectacular and our winemaking team is pumped and ready for a brilliant new Vintage.”
“The last 6 years have seen us produce some amazing wines. Whilst the 2020 vintage was an extraordinary challenge, it was a learning experience. Having said that, the wines, mostly whites, that we did manage to produce are really fresh and varietal.”
“In agriculture, we have to expect that now and again there will be the difficult year. Now that’s over, we’re looking forward to Vintage 2021 being the NEXT best in living memory.”
With the growing season underway and the change in seasons, Mr Fawcett says that now is the time that can have growers on edge, but things are looking good.
“The season is predicted to be an average or slightly wetter than normal year, so we will need to be on the ball with our sprays and crop monitoring.”
“If the season continues as we expect, we’re looking forward to producing some remarkable wines this vintage.”
With the lifting of restrictions, we are thrilled to be able to reopen our award-winning cellar door and restaurant to dine-in customers.

The chefs have designed a beautiful new Spring a-la-carte and Taste of Season menu, as always taking full advantage of fresh local, seasonal produce. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling Cellar Door on 03 5751 9101.

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