Gapsted Wines rated four stars by Halliday, with 10 wines scoring 90+points

Gapsted Wines rated four stars by Halliday, with 10 wines scoring 90+points

Gapsted Wines has been rated as a four-star winery by James Halliday's Wine Companion for the sixth consecutive year, with 10 of our wines being awarded Silver medals.

The Wine Companion is considered the benchmark guide for the Australian wine industry.

A four-star winery is, according to Wine Companion, one that's a "Very good producer of wines with class and character. Will have two (or more) wines rated at 90 points and above (or possibly one at 95 and above)." 

The wines given Silver status - or a points rating of at least 90 - with Halliday tasting notes included, are as follows. Product names with links are available for purchase now!

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Ballerina Canopy 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon (King Valley) 93 points SILVER

"22% new French, 78% used American oak. It's 86% cabernet with input from shiraz, dolcetto, merlot and durif. It has both density and freshness covered, its flavours of boysenberry, plum, milk chocolate and toasted spices combining to produce both a substantial red and a smooth-textured one. It doesn't have enough sizzle through the finish for higher points but boy does it have some stuffing."

Limited Release 2017 Heathcote Sangiovese  93 points SILVER

"Fresh anise, mint and jubey berry flavours present an immaculate case, tobacco-like aspects only aiding the cause. Impeccable."

Ballerina Canopy 2016 Durif  93 points SILVER

"Such a firm, steady hand. The oak is sawdusty and raw, and mars things a touch, but the firmness of the tannin, the glide of red berried fruit, the touches of licorice; the stuffing is significant. Give it time and it will all come together. It has a long journey ahead."

Ballerina Canopy 2016 Chardonnay 92 points SILVER

"It mounts a persuasive case. Fig, ripe stone fruit, toasty oak and cashew flavours rumble powerfully through the palate and kick impressively on the finish. Reductive notes add rather than subtract. Arguably the best (chardonnay) release we've seen under this label."

Ballerina Canopy 2016 Heathcote Shiraz  92 points SILVER

"The positive impression continues. As with many of the most recent releases out of this workhorse winery fruit freshness is to the fore, as indeed is flavour generosity. It tastes of plum, vanilla cream, gum nut and sweet red cherries. It's not half bad."

Ballerina Canopy 2015 Durif 92 points SILVER

"100% American oak. Intense colour and flavour; take a sip and you slide into its inky depths. It’s like prunes and blackberries soaked in dark liquid chocolate. Tannin has a commanding presence but not an overbearing one. Not a wine you’d want to argue with."

Tobacco Road 2017 Sangiovese Rose  91 points SILVER

"90/10% sangiovese and shiraz from the King Valley and Rutherglen. Vibrant cherry and spice aromatics before a juicy, engaging palate. Fruity, savoury and dry at once. Not a hair out of place. High value."

High Country 2016 Shiraz 90 points SILVER

"Medium weight in a good way. Sweet, ripe, plum-like flavours pour deliciously through the mouth, offering pleasure at every turn. The simple things in life. This is fresh, clean and exceptionally easy to like."

High Country 2017 Tempranillo  90 points SILVER

"King Valley. Purple colour and purple fruits. The Gapsted range seems to have picked things up a gear lately. This is fresh, jubey and moreish. It should definitely be on your shopping list."

Limited Release 2016 Saperavi  90 points SILVER

"Wild. Totally. Truffles, heightened blackcurrant, herbs, spices, licorice, chocolate and blood orange. What doesn't it taste of. For all its myriad flavours, it has a bright appeal; it has size but it's not an overly big wine, and tannin has been kept lowish key."