Two rare additions to our aged wine collection you won't get again

Two rare additions to our aged wine collection you won't get again

We've reached deep into our Cellar to unearth a wine we no longer produce, and it's now available for one final time.

The wine, our Ballerina Canopy Cabernet Franc, is available in two vintages - 1997 and 1999.

At the time of writing just 29 bottles of the 1999 vintage and 59 bottles of the 1997 vintage remain. You can buy these wines by clicking here.

Recently, senior winemaker Michael Cope-Williams re-tasted these rare red wines and had this to say about each of them:

1999 Vintage - NOW SOLD OUT!

July 2018 Tasting Notes

"Brick red with some tawny hues in the rim. Aromas of dark chocolate, molasses and caramel along with  some complex earthy notes. A little more developed than the 1997, reflecting the more temperate, yet drier season of 1999.

The entry is full bodied, with elegant, soft, sweet fruit styled characters. It has lots of flavour yet is light on the palate. It is by no means over matured with sweet vanilla oak still discernible, but now very much playing a supportive role to the bones of the wine.

Lovely with washed rind cheeses and figs."

1997 Vintage

July 2018 Tasting Notes

"Deep tawny, caramel, rich, coffee, roasted almonds, cherry liqueur, almost herbaceous. Savoury entry, complex array of cloves, nutmeg, chicory and fig jam flavours with strident tannins framing the layers of cherry liqueur Warmth. Still very recognisable as Cabernet Franc with its distinctive fresh tannin structure and linearity. 

We have watched this wine evolve over the last 21 years (1997 was one of the best and most balanced years in that decade) and are always surprised how well the wine is holding up. Cabernet Francs are rare in Australia, and it is even more rare for them to still be delivering these sorts of complex and integrated flavours at this age, so it is a joy for us on many fronts. If you do get a bottle or two, take special note of the ultra-fine, almost 'regal', pure tannins that effortlessly guide and support the wine’s textural and seamless mid palate. There is no obvious fruit left, as you would imagine, but the flavours and the softness that are in their place are enough to create memories and no small amount of happy and relaxed discussion.

Don’t go over the top with food choices – keep it simple, and definitely no hot and spicy choices!" 

Both of these wines are available to purchase now and Wine Club member discounts apply.