Alpine Valleys Wine Region

Gapsted Wines - Alpine ValleysThe Alpine Valleys wine region takes in the scenic Kiewa, Ovens, Buckland and Buffalo Valleys encompassing the major ski fields of Victoria.  Bordering the Buffalo Valley to the east is the picturesque King Valley. 

The viticultural characteristics of the King Valley and Alpine Valleys are cool climate, alpine breezes, high rainfall, snow run-off in the spring, cold nights, morning fogs (mountain mists), crystal clear skies and abundant freshwater.

The altitude provides cool nights, even when the days are warm, which is critical in premium grape production. Cool mountain air flows up and down the valleys. This “Buffalo breeze” provides nature’s air conditioning to the vines in the region.The hours of sunlight are somewhat restricted, which contributes to the coolness of the climate and microclimate of the vineyards as well as the late ripening of fruit. 
The water is the clearest, cleanest and coldest in Australia. It originates from abundant rainfall (700-1250mm a year). The fresh rainfall fills many lakes and reservoirs as well as the mountain aquifers, which exude from the earth in the many natural springs of the Alps.  In addition to the rainfall, much of the water comes from melting snow in the spring, supplying pure water for drip irrigation of the vineyards perched on the rocky slopes of the fertile valleys.  The abundant water also ensures the air is filled with fogs/mists each morning providing moisture (dew) on the leaves most autumn mornings.

King Valley Facts

Area Under Vine: 1534ha          No of Wineries: 25          Elevation: 100m-850m
Grape Varieties:

Tonnes Processed: 15,000+ tonnes in full production
Heat Degree Days: 1150-1820   
Sunshine Hours: 8.9
Annual Rainfall:
Growing Season Rainfall: 328-620mm
Mean Jan Temperature
: 20.6 degrees C
Harvest time: Mid March to early May

Alpine Valleys Facts

Area Under Vine: 500ha
No of Wineries: 8
Elevation: 150m-1500m
Grape Varieties

Tonnes Processed: 7500 in full production
Heat Degree Days:
Sunshine Hours: per day 8.9
Annual Rainfall: 
Growing Season Rainfall: 328-620mm
Mean Jan Temperature: 
20.6 degrees C
Harvest Time:
 Mid March to early May